LEHOANG SECURITY CAMERA AND ALARM SECURITY Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier and installer of complete security systems (surveillance CCTV, alarm, access control) in Vietnam since 2002. We especially focus on such high-tech security solutions as networking CCTV, fire and intrusion alarm, and fingerprint identification access control.

We currently act as a wholesale importer, reseller and integrated system installer for several leading CCTV manufacturers like PANASONIC, SANYO, ACTi, EVERFOCUS, MINTRON, Hikvision and others.

We have built up a nationwide network of dealer's CCTV distribution. Our local partners and customers all agree that our surveillence solutions are the best choice for the right security system.

We are armed with a highly competent and experienced staff who have undergone extensive training, both locally and overseas. With high commitment, our staff are willing to best serve customers wherever and whenever they are. True, each of our members do all his or her endeavor to serve customers most professionally.

We make every effort to ensure 3 added values in our products and services we offer to customers:
We always have equipment imported from security manufacturers with which we have built very close relationships, thereby maintaining high quality while ensuring competitive prices.
High quality – Competitive prices
Honest and trustworthy counsels to help customers obtain the right system and equipment at reasonable cost.
Excellent sales services
Answer within 24 hours all customers' questions and queries, helping them make the best use of the supplied system. This can be done 24/24 via our technical support hot line: 0903746818.
Perfect aftersales services
Minimize risks exposed to customers by our extended periods of warranty.
18-month warranty
Add: 18 Duong 239 khu III Bui Minh Truc, Phuong 5, Quan 8, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel & Fax: (84.8) 3 9812099
Email: sales@lhcctv.com
Website: www.lhcctv.com

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